Skeptical Audio

Introduction to Room Nodes


There are two main acoustic quirks of indoor rooms that have an impact on how speakers (and instruments, and voices) sound. They result from how the room is shaped, and what the room is made of. Room nodes are one of these quirks, and they result almost exclusively from the shape of the room.

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An Acoustic Illusion From The Twitters

What do you hear when you play this sound?


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Everyone's heard of a sinewave and most people (even those who haven't done trigonometry since high school) are aware that it's considered a "pure tone" in audio engineering. But what is it exactly? Why, in short, is this shape of wave so special?

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The Most Damaging Image In Audio

One image has caused more misunderstandings about audio than any other in history.

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Types of Room Mode

This post continues on from an explanation of what room nodes are. We're going to look at them at a slightly higher level.

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